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Posted by : Sabrina Saturday, 30 March 2013

Thought out of my 50 likes and I decided to post my Final Batch here.
These facts make me who I am, and define the person I have become.

#1 If I don't hug something to sleep at night, I will wake up with a stomachache
#2 I tried to like blue for awhile because pink was mainstream, but it didn't last long :x
#3 I'm abit allergic to perfume, I cant walk past someone who has perfume on without sneezing
#4 I always thought that lady bugs were as big as cockroaches because of a Tshirt I used to wear when I was younger.... until afew years back lol
#5 I like Pink, Black and Green
#6 I have always been afraid of being forgotten
#7 I dislike sweating
#8 I Love Potato chips and Icecream!
#9 I don't know a thing at all about brands, I'm easily contented :x
#10 I feel more alive when I'm immersed in my hobbies
#11 I can live a whole day without talking verbally
#12 I enjoy art but never had the chance to learn it in school
#13 I Pride myself in being Humble. 

#14 I enjoy documentaries, enjoy musicals, enjoy gigs, but I have slept through EVERY choir performance I ever attended (I think it was compulsory to attend once a year in sec sch)
#15 I feel more alive when I sing and craft
#16 Faith, hope and Pixie dust
#17 My height and weight hasn't fluctuated since Sec sch
#18 I don't indulge in shopping much, about half my wardrobe are still things bought by mum (exc cosplay *ahem*) I try to make it a point to buy things when I need them (unless its really worth it)
#19 I used to be forgotten in the bedroom with the lights turned off, watching Disney movies
#20 I used to feel that wearing my specs and tying my hair up was like putting on a disguise to school everyday so that people wouldn't recognize me.
#21 I have never held a grudge for people telling me off.
#22 I don't gossip.
#23 I don't talk much because I am always thinking before I speak. By the time I decide to say something, I may have thought of saying something else already!
#24 For the longest period of time, my nightmares always took place in location: secondary school..

#25 I don't Club/Drink/Smoke and am not interested in it, it does no good at all
#26 I don't endorse craving for attention through means like Self-pity and self-proclaimed self-righteousness
#27 I don't enjoy being superficial
#28 I live strongly by the saying "do unto others what you want others to do unto you."
#29 I was kicked out of the first band I was in
#30 I cry more often when I am angry rather than sad.
#31 I don't like being treated like I am invisible or unknown. I think it can be pretty obvious. Even some eye-contact or a smile is good enough for me.
#32 I used to be afraid of new things. Now, I'm as excited as I am afraid.
#33 I really appreciate the simple things in life. To the point that sometimes, I think it hinders my ability to aim further.
#34 I like guys who makes decisions and act manly.

#35 I have really bad memory, I can almost remember nothing from secondary school
#36 I have weak eyes, I set my computers and phone to Dimmest and cant wear eye-makeup for too long >_<
#37 I enjoy wit
#38 I am proud of my scream
#39 I tear when I see something inspiring
#40 I keep too many secrets, to the point that sometimes, I am not entirely sure what about myself I should keep secret. 
#41 I wish to have at least 1 geeky themed room in my house!
#42 I'm not a very sentimental or romantic person actually. I still can't cook and I made my first collage after 6YEARS in a relationship.
#43 I have a paranoid mum who scares me.
#44 I don't enjoy driving, I got no sense of direction.
#45 I will not hang around people who Don't want to hang around me
#46 I hate misunderstandings.
#47 I act happy because I want others around me to feel happy. I swear I would go crazy if I had no rant buddies.
#48 I look at people from Shoes first. I used to prefer guys who wear shoes mainly.
#49 I do feel offended when my favours are not returned kindly but taken for granted. But I will always give a benefit of the doubt.
#50 I don't trust everybody.

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