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Posted by : Sabrina Monday, 11 February 2013

Hi, so for my almost very forgotten,
I simply have to blog about, because in all of my cosplay-life by far, this has been the most exciting for me ever!

Its the first time I went overseas to cosplay!
First time going up to KL alone, first time staying at hotel with friends~
First time making random friends, first time meeting so many foreign cosplayers! (though technically, Im the foreigner!)

Comic fiesta has always been at the end of the year and for this case, it was the Christmas weekend. My bf and his family were away for the last 2 weeks of the year to USA though, so having too much time to myself, it just felt like a thing to go for as well~

I was very much looking forward to Comic fiesta, heard it was good last year and made a (pretty last minute) decision to go up with my dear friend Aki, however due to work, she couldnt make it *thus* thanks to Ashe and Mum, I bunked over with them at a KL hotel x)

Left rather late, the event lasts over the weekend and I left to KL that friday afternoon, reaching on Friday night, just in time to sleep for the next day @_@
Took a bus ride to KL, the amount of baggage I had was insane! (lucky it was bus otherwise god knows how I'd get through customs)

Did some extra preparation for Comic Fiesta, added LEDs to my League of Legends, Ashe's Bow! (Just settled the night before leaving @_@) 
A new set of coscards was printed for it as well (Thanks Drefan for the photoshop of the picture and Glen for helping to design the Coscard! <3) 

Brought up Tristana's cannon as well as my Bazooka as well as 2 sets of costumes up!!!

very comfy Aeroline bus has a socket at the seat! <3

So on the way there, made friends with the boy who was playing Final Fantasy viii in the bus! :D Just a nice way to spend the journey up hehehe, FF8! @w@ *

So I stayed at the Corus hotel, pretty small hotel but close enough to the KLCC, there were a pretty big group of us friends staying there so it was cool, I'd have breakfast with roomates in the morning and we'd all head out to the convention together after!
I really have to thank Ashe and mum for the trip, I wouldnt know what I'd do without you both! Helping to queue for the tickets were just so touching T_T I really owe you both and I promise to preorder tickets next time :'(
The weather was soo insane, and I went to change out to >__<!!

Cosplayed as Homura on Day 1, finally wearing the costume to a con! It was quite nice to see that people fascinated by my bazooka! *proud*
Met Jimmy Cometa and Tim and the Group of (cosfest chalet) friends too! 
Had a mini shoot at the carpark with them before changing out and meeting Ash once again to have a 'christmas' night shoot at KL~ 
Quite upset there wasn't any more decoration, will have to have christmas shoots in Singapore this year!

Met some random people and new friends, one of which was Arthur haha! Funny guy, makes me feel like cosplaying final fantasy so bad :(

Photo by Jimmy Cometa

With Chester, Peiqi, and the rest of the gang! (dont got many pictures here, ripped from Sweesiang's album haha! more from the next day!)

With Tim Wong from EOY

Shoot with Ash

There was this girl in a madoka cos giving out greentea cupcakes to other madoka cossers too~ Both my friend, Peiqi and I received cupcakes from her! It was good, not sure who she was though, thanks!!!


Day 2, woke up surprisingly refreshed even though it was a rather long night D: Had a nice talk with a good old friend from Malaysia after supper with Ash and him ^_^

The plan for Day 2 of Comic Fiesta was Ashe from League of Legends. (as if you wouldn't already know lol) Angela and Yutong were doing the christmas skins of Tristana and Miss Fortune respectively! They both were so cute and adorable!!
I went over to Ash's to change out and came down after a mini shoot~

Pico came down to find me as well and had a hard time finding the place, I really have to plan my area properly, Pico found me the moment I reunited with Angela and Yutong again and they were dragging me to take pics with them too >_<!!! It was good to meet Pico mummy again, wish we had more time together :'( next time, promisee, * I still have your card with me, safely kept, thanks for the card! *

Card, from Pico to Goldfish and I <3

Met alot alot alot alot a tremendous lot of League of Legend cosplayers who are Mostly girls!! haha! So many malaysian girls in LOL outfits, who would've known the fandom here was soo intense!
Met Kelvin again! and Jake too~ I actually gave out all the coscards I brought to Malaysia that day, never happened before, but it was good to meet so many new people ^_^v

Photo by Ash
Photo by Ash

photo by CY Pixels, Ziwen

League of Legend Cosplayers! by Kai on Tales

I stayed in costume just in time to meet the sunset and test my LEDs, the girl at the shop told me 1 battery would last only 30 seconds! It lasted way over 30 minutes and I brought 4 batteries up! LOL
Changed out after and had dinner with Angela, Yutong, Ashe (its a guy btw), Veron and their family and friends~ 

Met up with Zacho and Shungs after, we were wondering what to do for supper or joining the others to go Karaoke? and we bumped into Drefan who were having a gathering at a suite at a hotel who invited us along :O
In our dilemma, we decided to follow Drefan up, and there, met many cosplayers, including Mintos who I recently got to know in the last Cosfest when we got EXCITEDS at Vandread XDXDXD!!  and Rika who did such a creeeeeepy caster from Fate Zero! <3 

Got to know fellow Singaporeans a little bit better ^_^ Can't wait for the next con~

Coscard stash~ Hope to see everyone again and say hi!! 

Don't have too many con photos because well... In costume, didn't have much of an opportunity to take photos DX Maybe I have to plan, 1 casual day, 1 costume day, unless its a casual costume where I can hold a camera :D
Time flew by so fast and it was time to go back :( 
Until next year >_<!


 some loots :x



Photo by Calvin Koh

HAHA! so finally signing off~

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