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Posted by : Sabrina Monday, 29 October 2012

Okay, this is a game that has been in front of me *literally* Since I decided to cos this for a future event~
I decided not to have this tailored and have begun crafting most of the costume myself alreadyy, its still in progress and its taking shape so Im real excited!

It begun when Goldfish and his Dragonica Guild decided to Migrate over to the new game dragonnest at that time! As fun as it was, I didnt really play that much, follow them in their campaigns and the quest up to Ceberus hahaha XD

Being busy with work and craft and my band, I havent really been focussing on gaming and Goldfish on the other hand got REAL INTO IT!
Fishpop is probably one of the better Acedemic PVPers in the server XD Even with the new patches that nerved the stun bomb and all :x i think Fishpop stil PVPs now and then :O
The character I'm planning to cosplay is inspired by Fishpop the Acedemic - Engineer ;)

Here are one of the awesome combo vids 8D

The reference Im using will be the original artwork:

So Im still making the cos halfway, Starting off with the default, the shape of the props are more or less there, time to add details and paint XD

 - updated -

So after painting this was how everything looked like:

won Merit in the AFA Singles cosplay competition~
photos by Lin Chester

photo by Mervyn Lim

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