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Posted by : Sabrina Sunday, 14 October 2012

 (12th Oct)

Okay, Today (technically yesterday)
was my birthday :O
It was a normal day settling work~ no big deal, its a weekday after all~~ Set some appointments in the morning and had evening plans as scheduled for the day~
Well, after a midnight talk with a friend, I guess Im grateful having a life Im very happy about :x doing the things I have passion for, enjoying what I do and doing what I enjoy, I guess that in itself is a blessing.
As we all grow up, it may be said that we get more cynical, less innocent, aware of surroundings, and the world may seem like an ugly place? But to let all this not affect my life and I, is something I stand by and probably will never change :)

Of course, I just got off a phone but, all these are still On my mind, I have so put it somewhere..
Its a good thing to think about, I think that Guys are
Different people do things and say things they believe in, some are realists, some are idealists, combined with some who are optimists, and as well as pessimists. What kind of person are we? How well do we know ourselves.. What do I want, What will I achieve and where will I be in the future? What are our Strengths and Weaknesses.


More Idealistic

You bring out the best in people through your own creative personality. You may often dream to escape the world for a while, or have high hopes for the future. Go ahead and take those risks, because your optimistic visions could get you far!

A night of thinking, the computer switched off the other day so I cant really recall what I was thinking of writing hmm..
Self-reflection I guess ><

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