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Posted by : Sabrina Sunday, 14 October 2012

Okay, I have yet to upload pictures of all my BIRTHDAY GOODS!
Once again, its another step to growing older, WISER AND MORE RESPONSIBILITIES, and a good life~

Made some appts on my birthday unexpectedly (not realising it was my birthday! haha)
Met up with an Old Secondary school friend whose family is looking to market a CONVERTED HDB, SUPER BEAUTIFUL AND GOOD LOCATION! extremely rare, Ill post the details when its ready to be marketed -w- (feel free to ask me about it though haha)

 So friend here Treated me to birthday Lunch at Cathay! Theres a chinese Restaurant there and the food was good! We couldnt finish so I brought the Buns home (Only realising it was char siew bao upon eating) and got the Siew Mais tabao-ed also!
It was great to catch up with Old friends, should really get to meet the others soon!

After afew more appointments, finally got to hang out with friends at about 9pm+? @_@ Went swensons! With Chris, Eugene and Aki! XDXD (Got treated 8D and got FREE ICECREAM!)
Apparently Swensons gives a free 3scoop icecream to birthday people 8D (Look abit like mini earthquake)

Their Promo menu was super HILARIOUS! It was introducing ROBOCLUCK! HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!


Neways, First thing when I went home! This was what I got from my adorable (actually not really but ok quite cool) little sister! XD
So much fooooood!!!!!

And heres my translation for her birthday card <3

Met Dan on the way home and Junliang in the evening for awhile and got 2 more gifts too >w<
This was from Aki 8D Cool stockings! I think im abit violent, Ive torn my ones from Japan already ;A;

Okay, I dont think this was a present but its a super cool Cap from Tokidoki got at the recent STGCC! Finally collected it! <3


Next day went to meet Marc, AMG JAMFEST is coming up soon 3/4th Nov and 4th Nov is a collaboration with Haru Bazaar! Its going to be at scape warehouse (yes! ezily accessible location!) And there will be MUSIC (of course), booths, cosplay, karaoke, subculture, and more music! Bands, solo singers and more! I'm wondering whether to sing as well or not hmmmmm...

Helped Marc transport some stuff for the UNEARTHED gig on monday night! and he treated me to some Awesome Laksa >w< Birthday Laksa!


Had Family Dinner as well!

Me: is that a cake? ._.
Mum: at first I thought I bought for you but it's for the kids
Me: ?!?!?!

Sorry I just had to post pics up of my super cute nieces and nephew =w=


Goldfish came back from Bangkok that night


And the Birthday Crashing weekend begun!

First was to Lavi's place! Saw some Halloween Pumpkins on the way~

And then to Max's

We Karaoked at night though, until 6am! Singing old school anime songs from the AXN Era and other anime songs LOL And Linkin Park @_@"" saw the Sun rise in the car @_@"

Then after some sleep, we headed to Masters for His birthday! XD

It was quite ridiculas though, My slippers got washed away by the rain on the way there and I arrived with only 1 slipper =______="'' 
Borrowed a pair to go home with and sent my survivor slipper to the scrap material pile ;w;


Dinner Dessert on a sunday night~ mmmm

Signing off 1 year older,

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