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M1 for Everyone!

By : Sabrina
Hi :D (Not a cosplay post)

Well, my family recently just got Fibre Broadband and its really fast compared to the internet, so fast that my lagging computer can't keep up to it! ;A;!

I kind of can't live without internet so we are finally making use of the open net wiring since long ago!
Previously using the wall socket thingy, the line gets cut ever so frequently, and internet signal isn't as strong.. At least now it can actually reach up to the 2nd floor from the hall so its pretty cool~

Not to mention: Currently synced my DS! (Animal crossing please, FC: 5300-8723-8185 )
Using FB everyday as usual~
Mum stopped asking me to fix her internet for emails =w=b


Anyway, this post is about this M1 competition 8D

They are holding this to listen more to consumers to find out what people want from them~ Its cool you don't need to use M1 to take part in this so just join!

They are having this Facebook competition that is simple and could earn you some pretty cool snuff!

--> Link https://www.facebook.com/mobile1

**Contest Details:
• Name of the contest is – M1 For Every One Contest
• There will be 2 phases to this contest:
Phase 2 – Fibre Broadband (What do you enjoy on Fibre Broadband?), duration – 0000hrs on 29 Aug 2013 – 2359hrs on 11 Sept 2013

By the end of each phase 5 winners will be selected, and their videos will be stitched together into 1 video. This will be uploaded onto the Facebook contest page
Other than the 5 winners (for each phase), there will also be a lucky draw, for everyone who had submitted the video. Even if you’re one of the 5 winners, you will still stand a chance of winning in this lucky draw

Here are the prizes: Fortnightly Winners – Participants whose videos gets featured will win:
                  Weeks 1 & 2: 5 x HTC One
                  Weeks 3 & 4: 5 x Samsung GS4

Lucky Draw – Participants who had submitted videos (which are approved and deemed to qualify) will stand a chance to win.
Weeks 1 & 2: 5 x Sony Xperia Tablet Z, 5 x Galaxy Note 10.1
Weeks 3 & 4 : 5 x Sony Xperia Tablet Z, 5 x Galaxy Note 10.1


I've done it too!
Basically what you need to do!

How to join!

1) Like their FB Page --> https://www.facebook.com/mobile1

2) Head to the Contest page --> https://apps.facebook.com/m-one-for-every-one/details/
    (M1 for Everyone!)

3) Get Pens, Big Paper, whatever crafty stuff you like!

4) Write what you like about Fibre Optics Broadband!

5) Make a video taking the card from Right to Left (or left to right in video) and read it aloud while at it!

Here's mine: (I know, low quality stuff >_<)


Signing off~

ICDS 2013

By : Sabrina
International Cosplay Day Singapore 2013 25/8/13

I came for the Runway~
Received a Shu Uemura Hamper :)

Photos by Lin Jinli

Photo by Garion Photography

They had a Blizzard booth, saw them feathering Starcraft. And there were quite afew doujin booths~
The space was really well used and the crowd was pretty good :D
I bought myself an Animal crossing badge =w=v
Stayed a little while to see what went on~

Better crowd this year :) 

Met friends as usual~ hehe
Good to see you guys 8D

Went Karaoke after that with some friends =w=v

~Signing  off~

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Kyanime 2013

By : Sabrina

Kyanime 2013 in Kuching 17/8/13-18/8/13 

This is probably the most heartfelt cosplay event I ever attended and it will be close to my heart T_T

This is actually the first time I was invited to attend an overseas event and  I am very grateful for the chance, the people there were welcoming and I really respect the committee, seeing that it was the last Kyanime already, the amount of effort and appreciation from everyone was heartwarming. It was really fun and I already miss Kuching dearly.

I added photos ripped from facebook here, but Those I uploaded are in this link

Naza the Emcee brought Tessie and I out to eat Laksa! Oh god was is spicy but it was nice @_@!!

Wore my Sailor Neptune on Day 1 and RO Novice on Day 2

Tessie workshops on Day 1~

photo by Amigot Wong

Photo by Low Kok Onn

I saw his photos at the Otakuhouse website before, Didnt actually realise he was from Kuching haha!
Pretty impressed by the armour and prop, and met a group of propmakers here, so I was really impressed and glad that I got to meet everyone here!
Thanks for the pizza lol!

Super bishie Jack frost *^* and Pretty Christine~ 
These were Tessie's camwhores! haha

Then we had a signing session~




I was actually more comfy in my Day 2 costume~ 
Did a little propmaking workshop and played around with everyone else haha!

Photo by Run
Tessie and I before she left to Singapore first >_<

Naza's brother! I couldn't even tell lol

These 2 joker boys haha! 

(they changed costume again @_@)


I sang a song on both days~
They had some band and dance performances too @_@ The girls can dance, bands can consider hiring the solo singers so sing with them though :x
But still pretty fun! 
I was really surprised how the event managed to squeeze a little bit of everything @_@!

Took a photo with the Committee~ <3
Photo by Mhd Zharif (less blur ahaha)

Photo by Chai Siew Wei

Photo by Ai Lee

Photo by Azizi Akmal

Not to mention the last group who sent me off TwT oh gosh~
I was quite sad to go back but, until next time! Hope we will get to cosplay together in the future!!

Post con breakfast x_x

Cat Museum

And the goodbyes TAT
Thanks everyone for the time there \TAT\


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