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LOL project - Ashe

By : Sabrina
As you may have known, I made a LOL costume recently and should be having a proper shoot soon~
So I'll post a little walk-through of how I made my Ashe costume :D

Ashe is this really cool archer, I never expected to cosplay an archer but after some contemplation, I thought that it was a nice challenge for me to use new materials and new methods to make some costumes. Thus I decided to make it in time for Comic Fiesta at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

This was the reference I used, the details were nice and I thought it was a good gauge of what to make~

I started off sewing the top and skirt with the dark blue satin I bought. I sewn on the details with gold cloth and gold ribbons. I used a pleated skirt pattern for the skirt and padded the top. I then sewn on white cloth for the waist and thus the dress was done!

I then proceeded on to make the arm and leg covers for her armour. Cloth was used to cover the foam underneath for structure. Made leg armour with foam and painted it gold. 

This was the first time I used plastic for anything. Used hot glue for the joining of plastics! Just drew it on and cut them out~ Drew on the details and added LED lights inside~ ^o^v That's how I made them!



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RC Drift Car Tournament

By : Sabrina

Autodrift (3rd) Competition 2013 - Series 2


This is the Drift track at 3rd floor of E-Hub, Downtown East, quite a pretty track with streetlamps, parking lots and all! Very cute!

Before everyone started, they took a group shot and evaluated the Car aesthetics!

Pretty cars lined in a row~

Winner of the Car customization Gary! (And a regular behind, he's probably the best drifter around here)

This craft is really awesome, detachable doors, hoods and a full blown engine, complete with Raffing sound effects! 


 So during the wait, we went to have Lunch at the Fish n Co outlet where they had a different deal in the shop. Its about 1/3 the price and about half the portion maybe, but it was very filling and very worth it! 
BF ordered the New York Fish and Chips and it was good~

 We also walked around while waiting in between rounds so I snapped some shots of what we saw around the area~ In shops~~
Super cute Vanelope and Ralph toys!!

Can I have thessseeee please? >_< Though I would really like the cart alot!


7th place @-@

So after the long day, afew good rounds and some learning games, 
Bf went home with dinner to watch Dexter :O


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