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Cosfest 2013 6th/7th July

By : Sabrina

Cosfest was fun for me :x
Partially because I was part of the biggest Cosplay group I have ever been in! I really thank the organizers for inviting me over to join them in the fun activities, Including the Jojo Cosplay walk as well as to be able to sing a song for cosfest :)
I always enjoyed group cosplays way more than solo-ing, but this was on a different scale and got to make many new friends >_< *wished I took more time to speak to others too, but I made friends with those closer to my arc *w* *

I was considering joining the LOL walk on the 2nd day but, It was too much and I thought I'd just spend the time enjoying the con itself~ Met many friends and actually visited the Maid cafe XD
Rahrah so cute *^*

Day 1 Tags on FB:
Photo by Lin Sniper! Jojo 48 yo!

Photos by Jonathan Goh

Lovely to meet these Thai people too! *ripped from Narutan's FB*

Photo by Speedknight

MC Sanji (thai cosser too) caught us Steel Ball Run Gangnam Style!

Photos by Lin Sniper
Tactikal Photography

Photo by Chiang Zhi Rong

Photo by Mario

photo by Benjamin

photo by Boh Zhuan Hao

photo by Willian Thjin

Photo by Jim Lek

Photo by Paul Poh

(And look who I managed to catch a photo with!)
Photo by Movie mania


Day 2

Photo by Nicole Killua Lim
Photo by Yew Choon SQ

Photo by Jim Lek

Photo by Wei Jiat Lee

Photo by Tony Ng

Photo by Khuzairi

Met Abigail Lim again after the Medieval ball ^_^
Pity my Bow broke abit during this pose and I had to reassemble it shortly after >_<!

Photo by Simon Tong

Maid cafe Ashe!




(Rip from Maha Mi)





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