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Licence2Play 2012

By : Sabrina
This is the first year I been to Licence2Play :x
It was probably the most fun game convention I've visited this year though! The booths are so interesting and there were so many minigames and activities going on on all the stations! There were so many stage and so many competitions going on, Many things to take back, many games to play!

I should probably get a real camera to take photos during events :x
Wished I had a casual day to really appreciate time to play games though >_<

loots from the Event! coscards from Martha and Ion! Balloon, RO Calender! <3


It was really an experience at the event too.
Its the first time I really joined a cosplay competition with a performance as well as making the Entire costume myself! and It was such a surprise getting the East Champion at the Cosgames competition XD

Congratulations to Jason and Joey who won Overall and West Champions ^_^

Photo by Jason Trooper

There was so many first times that weekend for me!
I Honestly wished that there was most in the competition for everyone, because everyone did such a good job!
Heres a link to my Performance, hope for better next time!

" *requotes my thank you msg*

Everyone was super cool in the event and that effort, makes my get butterflies in my tummy >_<"""
Jason Koh Joey Lim Xen Yoo Jie Shen Lavi Nya Tang Fi HunterFujiwara Apple-chan Harl

Thanks Kaili Tang for rushing to and fro L2P and EOY with me!
To sing with Dempster Riksa Lee! (Paiseh been so busy with work trip and preparation for the comp also that I forgot to tell u/help to edit the ending of the song! HAHAHAHA, awkward poses caught by Darkon Lore LOL!!!!)

Thanks all for the support! Couldn't have done it without anyone of you around! All my family and friends!
Thanks for voting, encouraging and motivating me for the competition at L2P! Its the first time I did a cosplay performance of sorts and its really an experience, still got lots to learn, will look forward to next time!
Especially Justin Goh
its very rare dear for you to come and involve yourself in the cosplay stuff I do but I hope it was fun playing duckie around! 
Super Thanks to  Chester Tham super thanks for the audio, totally couldnt do it without you!

L2P was real fun, super enjoyed all the freebies and booths :x
Especially the games and everything that was going on! It was really enjoyable!

So many firsts this time round, first time wearing 2 cosplays in 1 day, first time attending 2 cosplay events (and a wedding) in 1 day and performing in both cosplay events as well! and First time doing a skit cosplay performance and first time adding lights to my equipment! First time taking home so many random things from an event and first time bringing so many things that I myself cannot carry to an event! "

This was the first time I done 2 costumes in a day, both made by yours truly!
It was my initial decision to complete Ashe from League of Legends by L2P, and with plans to join the Cosgames, it was a decision to attempt 2 costumes in 1 day.
The amount of things and props to carry for both costumes was insane though, I got no idea how everything was brought out of the house in 1 attempt alone! (thanks everyone who were helping me carry stuff after the event T_T)

Photo by Mario
Fishpop Acedemic Dragon Nest cosplay by Asdcvbtuym [sabbie!]

Ashe from League of Legends by Asdcvbtuym [sabbie!]
Ashe from League of Legends by Asdcvbtuym [sabbie!]

On Sunday, After the performance at L2P, Kaili and I rushed to EOY for another performance!! And rushed back to L2P again right after!
The schedule was sooo tight! Sorry Working! team, Celine, Sarah and the rest :( I really thought I'd be able to do a double cos again but having to go back to L2P for results made my schedule wayyyy too tight! I promise to do a good Torodoki for a shoot though! *gomen*

photo by Darkonlore
EOY Performance Asdcvbtuym [sabbie!] with Ryodo

More pictures!

This was a photo Edited by Drefan when he found out I did Ashe! I think its super cool and uploaded it onto my worldcosplay site! heh 
Thanks, hope it was to your liking!

Photo by Benjamin
Joey as Syndra! and my Fishpop XD
On stage with Max

Anyway, I really realised that theres so much more to work on, so much more to learn and its fun :)
Until next event!!!!

AFA 2012

By : Sabrina
I've yet to write about AFA 2012 but this was probably one of the more exciting as well as upsetting events for me at the same time!

I completed my Dragon Nest costume just on time for AFA!
This was a costume I was planning to do next year with my friends actually, however when my friend said he would make an Alfredo, my costume got completed almost instantly @_@"
This was the first event I actually got scouted to join a cosplay competition and very unexpectedly I got something!

Sorry for the long pause, this was actually drafted awhile back but my computer had such a rough time :( Windows crashing and then Mac crashing *gently pats lappy*

Anyway, it was cool, met many overseas cosplayers I never did before! Hope to see some familiar faces again in Comic Fiesta later this year ^w^
The Singles cosplay competition was cool, the winner was a Saber from Phillipines and her Armour was sooo pretty! *0* *Inspired*

Goldfish did finally come down with his RC Car later at about 7+ and Ducky did have a go running around knocking peoples legs and giving them a scare =w=
If only it came sooner then it could be my escort TwT

Did Harpnote with my awesum Megaman on Sunday ^w^v
Made a Malaysia friend who was a super Megaman starforce friend! and met some other friends who I havent seen in awhile~

Overall, it was quite an experience, I think I will try to keep my cosplay simple for a day and more elaborate for Events next time, If I wear gloves, I soo vey need a friend to be by my side as I cant even slide the Iphone screen to answer phone calls T_T Thank goodness apple was there on Sat and Derek on Sun >_<
Being with such bulky cosses and face gears, it was hard to appreciate walking around to enjoy the con :( Changed out earlier on day 3 to walk around but realised it was abit late as some of the nendroids we were eyeing were SOLD OUT *cries* And I didnt drop by afew booths which I should have, like the KARAOKE and PHOTObooth.. Ah well, there will be next time right?

Yep, The weather was excruciatingly painfully HOT! And I realised that alot of photographer friends I was hoping to meet were actually outside camping >_<!!! ah well, missed quite afew people i was hoping to meet at that, maybe I didnt explore the outsides of the convention enough ;w;
Until next time >_<


Photo by Mervyn Lim

Photo by Hu Lei

Photo by Operation P Ani C

Photo by Mervyn Lim

Photo by Shan Rui and most likely next Coscard? :D

Garena Stadium

By : Sabrina
On thursday, we were invited to come down to the Garena Stadium to learn more about the super popular game LOL now XD

We had a Powerpoint presentation on LOL which was kind of amusing, they told us about how LOL works and what the game is about. Its something similar to Frozenthrone Dota like most of us have ever played haha
I have played it with friends before, even though not too skillful :x

 There is apparently a Cafe right outside the stadium as well XD

The Garena shop was full of super cute stuff!! 

This was probably the most kills I ever got in a game HAHAHA (Even against bots :x) 24kills never before TwT

Halloween! - Its a zombie year :O

By : Sabrina
This year's Halloween is just full of zombies everywhere, especially with the recent Resident evil movie as well with *Mika Nikashima's appearance <3

Afew weekends ago we filmed a little promo video shoot where I had abit of a cameo appearance :)
Zombie - Project swordfish XD (I think my wig fell back during the video but ah, Finally wore my newly sewn Homura costume hehe*
I was supposed to look like I had appeared out of nowhere ._.
Maybe if they shone light facing out of the deadend, it would look like I'd came from a portal *shrungs*
Until next time theres a video shoot haha

The zombies were real scary though >_< Had to act serious but =__= aha

So Ill post some pics and link to the video as well XD
The Video was done by Art of Mezame collaboration with Neo Tokyo Project together with Fish&Co and Robots gone bad :D
There was also a zombie walk over the weekend as well (But I wasnt able to attend due to work >_<

Zombie shoot:
Zombie walk
Anyway, the guys want to have a halloween movie/gaming night next weekend ;A; Ill be at AMG Jamfest before that but Ill probly pop by to um.. take a look.. >_<
In addition to that, I helped a friend make a Scythe for Halloween -w-" The design was mainly directed by my really enthusiastic friend but the result was better than what we expected hehe
Back to art and craft lesson! 

Dragon Nest

By : Sabrina
Okay, this is a game that has been in front of me *literally* Since I decided to cos this for a future event~
I decided not to have this tailored and have begun crafting most of the costume myself alreadyy, its still in progress and its taking shape so Im real excited!

It begun when Goldfish and his Dragonica Guild decided to Migrate over to the new game dragonnest at that time! As fun as it was, I didnt really play that much, follow them in their campaigns and the quest up to Ceberus hahaha XD

Being busy with work and craft and my band, I havent really been focussing on gaming and Goldfish on the other hand got REAL INTO IT!
Fishpop is probably one of the better Acedemic PVPers in the server XD Even with the new patches that nerved the stun bomb and all :x i think Fishpop stil PVPs now and then :O
The character I'm planning to cosplay is inspired by Fishpop the Acedemic - Engineer ;)

Here are one of the awesome combo vids 8D

The reference Im using will be the original artwork:

So Im still making the cos halfway, Starting off with the default, the shape of the props are more or less there, time to add details and paint XD

 - updated -

So after painting this was how everything looked like:

won Merit in the AFA Singles cosplay competition~
photos by Lin Chester

photo by Mervyn Lim

Birthday continue! Birthday weekend~

By : Sabrina
Okay, I have yet to upload pictures of all my BIRTHDAY GOODS!
Once again, its another step to growing older, WISER AND MORE RESPONSIBILITIES, and a good life~

Made some appts on my birthday unexpectedly (not realising it was my birthday! haha)
Met up with an Old Secondary school friend whose family is looking to market a CONVERTED HDB, SUPER BEAUTIFUL AND GOOD LOCATION! extremely rare, Ill post the details when its ready to be marketed -w- (feel free to ask me about it though haha)

 So friend here Treated me to birthday Lunch at Cathay! Theres a chinese Restaurant there and the food was good! We couldnt finish so I brought the Buns home (Only realising it was char siew bao upon eating) and got the Siew Mais tabao-ed also!
It was great to catch up with Old friends, should really get to meet the others soon!

After afew more appointments, finally got to hang out with friends at about 9pm+? @_@ Went swensons! With Chris, Eugene and Aki! XDXD (Got treated 8D and got FREE ICECREAM!)
Apparently Swensons gives a free 3scoop icecream to birthday people 8D (Look abit like mini earthquake)

Their Promo menu was super HILARIOUS! It was introducing ROBOCLUCK! HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!


Neways, First thing when I went home! This was what I got from my adorable (actually not really but ok quite cool) little sister! XD
So much fooooood!!!!!

And heres my translation for her birthday card <3

Met Dan on the way home and Junliang in the evening for awhile and got 2 more gifts too >w<
This was from Aki 8D Cool stockings! I think im abit violent, Ive torn my ones from Japan already ;A;

Okay, I dont think this was a present but its a super cool Cap from Tokidoki got at the recent STGCC! Finally collected it! <3


Next day went to meet Marc, AMG JAMFEST is coming up soon 3/4th Nov and 4th Nov is a collaboration with Haru Bazaar! Its going to be at scape warehouse (yes! ezily accessible location!) And there will be MUSIC (of course), booths, cosplay, karaoke, subculture, and more music! Bands, solo singers and more! I'm wondering whether to sing as well or not hmmmmm...

Helped Marc transport some stuff for the UNEARTHED gig on monday night! and he treated me to some Awesome Laksa >w< Birthday Laksa!


Had Family Dinner as well!

Me: is that a cake? ._.
Mum: at first I thought I bought for you but it's for the kids
Me: ?!?!?!

Sorry I just had to post pics up of my super cute nieces and nephew =w=


Goldfish came back from Bangkok that night


And the Birthday Crashing weekend begun!

First was to Lavi's place! Saw some Halloween Pumpkins on the way~

And then to Max's

We Karaoked at night though, until 6am! Singing old school anime songs from the AXN Era and other anime songs LOL And Linkin Park @_@"" saw the Sun rise in the car @_@"

Then after some sleep, we headed to Masters for His birthday! XD

It was quite ridiculas though, My slippers got washed away by the rain on the way there and I arrived with only 1 slipper =______="'' 
Borrowed a pair to go home with and sent my survivor slipper to the scrap material pile ;w;


Dinner Dessert on a sunday night~ mmmm

Signing off 1 year older,

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