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The Medieval ball~

By : Sabrina
Okay here is a Post dedicated to big boy Drefan~
I won't say much but I shall just let the pictures do the talking ;)

I dedicated afew songs to you~ I hope you enjoyed it ;A;
link to my Camera phone snaps!: https://www.facebook.com/asdcvbtuym/media_set?set=a.10151753183321189.1073741827.653271188&type=3

Looking forward to the photos from the Photographers! But here is just my little share of stuff~ *while I wasnt busy*

"King Joffrey being annoying and grabbing everybody's weapons!*


Many group photos!

Most funky food I ever had!

So thanks for inviting! It was a blast <3
I hope I managed to help abit >_< with car and all, thanks for the party and the prize gift! *treasures*
Full of appreciation~

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Streetfest D'J Party 22nd June

By : Sabrina
photography by Nic Yoon

"D'J Party, the annual local Japanese culture event of the year is back once again, this time at the magnificent *Scape Warehouse
Mark your calendars for the 22nd of June as we transform the warehouse into an underground J-Rock venue, where Japanese music and culture meet!

This year's event presents the largest variety of genres and performances never before seen. Featuring some of the best local J-Rock/Pop bands & Singers, this is one event you will not want to miss.

Date: 22 June 2013
Location: *Scape Warehouse
Time: 1pm - 9pm

Here's the event schedule, do come down and support your favorite local J-bands & Singers

1300-Jolene Tay Ruka
1340-Syrius Fall
1445-Rae Kim
1540-Up the Lorry
1730-One More Stop
1930-The Project Band
2000-Panic Ducks!

For those unfamiliar with D'J Party, the event is a Japanese Pop Culture focused event organised by local youth leaders with the participation and involvement of our local youths with a burning passion for all things Japanese. D'J Party is one of the events under the Singapore Street Festival umbrella, which focuses on showcasing youth talent and energy.

Do refer to our Facebook Page for updates on the event!

For more information, do be sure to check out the D'J Party main page on the SSF website

For all cosplayers and Japanese Pop Culture lovers who have allowed D'J Party to grow into the event it is today, we look forward to seeing you and rest of the community there!

D'J Party 2013 Organising Committee

Singapore Street Festival 2013"

Scape was a wonderful location to play in, hopefully future D'J Parties can be there again 8D

So my band Ryuusei played this year again, unfortunately due to personal commitments, this may be our last gig,, or at least for a very long time :(
Hope everyone who came enjoyed themselves! yeah!!! 

photo by Nic yoon

Serene, YQ and I were Emcees for the event! it was fun hanging around them and them saying everything important so I could sprout something witty or rubbish at the end of their speech :O

So halfway Chris and I got abducted by Lavi and Amanda to become Twin tail buddies!
I must say that Chris looks like a Yellow Shrek D8
So we took Purikuras! *ran off in between Emceeing :'D*

Lavi baked cookies for us~

Took some Candids while I was at it~
photo by Alfe
So during our gig, I recently found out it was Serene that put the pikachu on me D8

Photo by kaili

Our setlist was:
Fuwa Fuwa Time
No pain No game
Crossing fields
Highschool of the dead

So Ryuusei signs off~

So I may not have a band for now, but I will still find chances to sing >_</

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Crisis Core photoshoot

By : Sabrina
Thanks everyone so much for coming to the Crisis Core photoshoot!
Omake! Zack teaches Aerith to do Squats *^*

Here was my thank you post: I think I should keep it here too <3 

Thanks Arthur for inviting me to the Crisis core shoot! Finally, Final Fantasy cosplay first!
I've always wanted to start a FF Cosplay spree but haven't actually gotten to it! Unexpectedly Crisis core is my first!
good job Arthur for planning what you could~ Screenshooting all the scenes from the cutscenes @_@

Thanks Brian and Shiro for coming all the way to come for the shoot! Hope you guys managed to enjoy yourselves~

And to all the cosplayers, DrefanSkyy, Arthur, Alexander, good job guys! Omg I cant believe how everyone did their hair @_@
Its a pity Zanderer couldnt join us to shoot but thanks for coming with fire and helping out with reflectors and reflector fanservice!

Thanks Kuro Koneko and Zhao Han for coming to help out guyssss! Cant do it without you guys too~

And thank god everyone came out of the place safe! It was abit tooo exciting when we were headng out! Thank goodness we had Zhaohan who got internal GPS and Brian who knew the area welll @___@! hope everyone had a good rest and good day today! o.o/

I have always loved Final Fantasy since I knew about it and FF7 was then I started~
I never thought Aerith would be my first Final Fantasy cosplay but I'm glad it happened~ 

Shiro Ang's Camwhore skillded

The Aerith skirt took me awhile to get it right,
Really thanks to Arthur for calling me to be an Aerith, I would never have imagined having a more fun group to shoot with <3 You came all the way down to SG for the shoot HAHA! i hope we made it worth it!
Brian has some pictures up already I'll link them below!
Still looking forward to more, and will look forward to work with everyone once again <3



Ok signing off~

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