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Posted by : Sabrina Thursday, 11 October 2012

Hi I'm Sabbie, ordinary person by day and cosplayer by heart!

I have always enjoyed playing games and watching anime since school days when my friends and I accidently stumbled upon it on television one day!
The love for anime, manga and games grew more after getting into online gaming, my very first being Ragnarok Online, and there has been no turning back ever since.
Cosplay was always a hobby I dreamed of but only got the chance to after studies.

I've started cosplaying in 2010 but got more serious in the hobby in 2012, learning how to craft and make my own costumes.
I enjoy making costumes from games and series that mean more to me, and the first costume I made was Harpnote from Megaman Starforce. 
Ever since then, I've moved on to create more costumes such as Academic from Dragon Nest, Aerith from FF7 and Ashe from League of Legends.
There's so more to come and I can't wait for what has yet to come in the future!!

In AFA 2012, I was called up as to join as part of the AFA Singles cosplay competition and won a Merit award with the Academic from Dragon Nest.
In License2Play Cosgames competition, with a performance segment, I was awarded as the Champion for East Games Cosplay. This was also with the Academic from Dragon Nest.
Earlier this year, at the J-Obsession 2013, I also took part in the Cosplay competition (One Piece category) and won as Grand champion with an original Chopper cosplay. I was awarded Winner in the AFA Singles Cosplay competition this 2013.

Monster Hunter Cosplay
Pink Rathian Armour- Sabbie
Photography by Mervyn Lim

On top of cosplay, I have been an avid performer/singer, having playing with my band as a vocalist, Ryuusei since 2010.
We play mainly J-pop and J-rock and have performed in many popular J-culture events in Singapore, including the "Gantz" promo event of the first movie launch in Singapore in 2011. 
I have hosted and performed in the Singapore Streetfest D'J Party for the 2nd time earlier this year in June as well.
I have also been actively participating in singing segments in various cosplay events.

I look forward to meeting everyone! o.o/
Past Events:

Winner in One Piece Cosplay Competition Pirate King - J-Obsession 2013
East Champion in Cosgames - L2P 2012
Merit - Singles Cosplay Competition AFA 2012
Invited Guest - Kyan!me 2013
Winner - Singles Cosplay Competition AFA 2013

Gigs we have Done!

Dollframe - PBO3 2009 

Ryuusei - Streetfest 2010
Ryuusei - Cosfest 2010 Music competition Runner up
Ryuusei - Mascot Parade 2010
Ryuusei - EOY 2010

Ryuusei - Chillax 2011
Ryuusei - Stage without Borders [ Ryuusei spin-off Napping Nuggests] Feb 2011 
Ryuusei - J-Obsession 18/19 Mar 2011 
Ryuusei - SOY Battle of the ani-bands Winner Apr 2011 
Ryuusei - Gantz Promo (Invited band) May 2011 
Solo - Haru Bazaar Karaoke Competition June 2011 (solo)
Collab - K-pop night (Session w Zerodia) June 2011 
Collab - Sakura Fest @ the flyer (Session w Zerodia)
Collab - Host D'J Party Streetfest Singapore (Emcee and Session with Zerodia) July 2011 
Ryuusei - Singapore Children Society Charity Gig 2011 
Solo - EOY 2011

Solo - Cosfest X.2 Feb 2012 
Ryuusei - J-Obsession Mar 2012
Ryuusei - Anime Week @ Liang Court Apr 2012
Solo - Monday Recital @ Cristofori (Funan) June 4 2012
Ryuusei - Streetfest Jul 2012 
Duet - EOY 2012

Ryuusei - J-Obsession Feb 2013
Solo performance - Kyanime 2013 (Kuching)

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