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Posted by : Sabrina Friday, 29 March 2013

Dream in irritation.

Dream starts: 

Scene: Some overseas place, Im pretty sure was Malaysia, with that intuititon that you know things in dreams. 

We entered the Malaysia hotel 9th Storey. It was actually also the "Ground floor" with a pool. Our rooms were located on the 10th floor and below the 9th floor are levels of shopping.

The room keys were hung publicly on a 9th floor shop and we had to pick our keys ourselves, Cherilyn/Ee Ee(Aunt) and I were in the same room

Walked around abit, 5th floor had some otaku stuff, went up a floor and entered a shop with more random artsy keychain, caps, figurine stuffs, my aunt wanted to buy alien merchandise. 

I asked if we should put our things in the room first but Ee Ee wanted to go down put our things in a car. It didn't make sense whatsoever as we was overseas and we didn't drive any car over. We went out to the road and she randomly chose a Mercedes car (Looked like a limo) to leave her stuff in. I tried to stop her but she insisted on leaving the stuff in the car. Then the security lady came into the car wondering what the hell we were doing. 

I told her our room and she said our room elevator is in the center of the building and the closest drop-off point  is in front so she can drop us, in addition to that, the car was actually a police patrol car. 
Ee Ee wanted to look at stuff outside and finally figured this wasn't a car to leave stuff at.

Got off the car and went to family dinner. Cousins went swimming.
I went to bath.

While I was bathing, someone sabotaged me** I think there were speakers in the bath (not sure why).
It was saying they had a camera In the bath, that when I used the soap, said they would expose me and I deserved it and they she had a camera in the toilet and I must pay for it

Came out of the bathroom and shouted in frustration but family at the dinner table told me to shut up. 
Walked out to find 2 little cousins done with swimming running back down with robe and swimming costume. 

Woke up.


I don't understand what went on.


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