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Posted by : Sabrina Saturday, 9 March 2013

This year, my band and I participated in J-Obsession again!
And the 2nd time I'm joining a cosplay competition with props and costumes I made myself~

This year's J-Obsession was One Piece themed in conjunction with the Launch of the One Piece Movie!

J-Obsession 2013 @ The Cathay - “Are you the next Pirate King?”
Date: Feb 22 - 24 (Fri - Sun)

J-Obsession is back again for its 4th year running! Thank you always for all your support! We are pleased to announce that we will be holding this event again this year! TWO cosplay contests and THREE days of Japanese music! Our theme for this year is: Are You One Piece?

Be expecting the return of the cosplay competition with fabulous prizes and J-music performed by our local J-Music Bands!

In conjunction with One Piece Film Z release, our theme for this year will be:
Are you the next Pirate King?

Be expecting the return of the cosplay competition with fabulous prizes and J-music performed by our local J-Music Bands!

Free Tickets for Movie marathon (only on the 23rd February) up for grabs!

Movie Marathon Films


Photo by Ng Khoon Wai

I decided to make a Chopper costume for the event as I had already made a Hat previously! I upgraded it quite abit and made the outfit, making use of suggestions friends had given me on my page =w=!!
Including Hooves and fur shorts and hand-warmers~ I made a matching bag~

It was a last minute decision to make extra props for the event! While looking for material to make a Flag! Khym Chi asked "Why don't you make a small flag instead?" And that was such a brilliant Idea!
Made so many flags to distribute so they can wave along with the performances!
I even saw some people bring the flags back down the next day for the event once more!!

They had a super adorable giant Chopper!!! and heres a picture of my preparation! Everything fully handmade @_@ The details on the flag was double sided, made of felt and sewn over Supper and afew episodes of Psychopass 8D

Photo by Speedknight and Sean Goo

Photo by Speedknight and Mario

Photo by Kyubei sensei and Barry

Photo by the DJparty

Participated in the Cosplay competition and Sang Believe, the 2nd OP of One Piece! <3 Super fun! Lavi broke 2 flags HAHAHA
I was so exhausted from nervousness that I felt totally drained right after the performance @o@ But Ryuusei was playing that evening! good fun =w= Got pumped to play, especially after the results announcement XD

Photo by Toshie

Ryuusei had a Saturday slot and this was by far the best setlist we ever had *best crowd tooo!*
I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as us! Especially those who came in the evening just to watch us! Its very touching to know you guys came! <3
Its so funny because my guitarist was playing the intro of Crossing Fields in his own way, and we had a mini argument with him going, "aiya, even if I play like this, noone will realise >_>" Little did he know, when he played just the first 4 notes of the intro, the CROWD WENT WILD! <3 You audience rocks! \m/ hahaha

Photos by the DJ Party

Day 3:

Cosplay Harlem Shake With Zhao Han the Videoman! Kyubei starting the show!

Thanks Madoka Tan for the super cute One Piece biscuits <3 <3 <3

The bands were all awesome as well, This year had so many good bands and awesome song choice! Nick's band actually played Tonight by Luna Sea! Never expected it! And a new band Entrophy was so good! They totally wowed the crowd! And Panic Ducks were awesome as well 8D

so lets end with a dramatic photo I took with my new camera! <3

Signing off!

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