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Posted by : Sabrina Thursday, 29 August 2013

Hi :D (Not a cosplay post)

Well, my family recently just got Fibre Broadband and its really fast compared to the internet, so fast that my lagging computer can't keep up to it! ;A;!

I kind of can't live without internet so we are finally making use of the open net wiring since long ago!
Previously using the wall socket thingy, the line gets cut ever so frequently, and internet signal isn't as strong.. At least now it can actually reach up to the 2nd floor from the hall so its pretty cool~

Not to mention: Currently synced my DS! (Animal crossing please, FC: 5300-8723-8185 )
Using FB everyday as usual~
Mum stopped asking me to fix her internet for emails =w=b


Anyway, this post is about this M1 competition 8D

They are holding this to listen more to consumers to find out what people want from them~ Its cool you don't need to use M1 to take part in this so just join!

They are having this Facebook competition that is simple and could earn you some pretty cool snuff!

--> Link https://www.facebook.com/mobile1

**Contest Details:
• Name of the contest is – M1 For Every One Contest
• There will be 2 phases to this contest:
Phase 2 – Fibre Broadband (What do you enjoy on Fibre Broadband?), duration – 0000hrs on 29 Aug 2013 – 2359hrs on 11 Sept 2013

By the end of each phase 5 winners will be selected, and their videos will be stitched together into 1 video. This will be uploaded onto the Facebook contest page
Other than the 5 winners (for each phase), there will also be a lucky draw, for everyone who had submitted the video. Even if you’re one of the 5 winners, you will still stand a chance of winning in this lucky draw

Here are the prizes: Fortnightly Winners – Participants whose videos gets featured will win:
                  Weeks 1 & 2: 5 x HTC One
                  Weeks 3 & 4: 5 x Samsung GS4

Lucky Draw – Participants who had submitted videos (which are approved and deemed to qualify) will stand a chance to win.
Weeks 1 & 2: 5 x Sony Xperia Tablet Z, 5 x Galaxy Note 10.1
Weeks 3 & 4 : 5 x Sony Xperia Tablet Z, 5 x Galaxy Note 10.1


I've done it too!
Basically what you need to do!

How to join!

1) Like their FB Page --> https://www.facebook.com/mobile1

2) Head to the Contest page --> https://apps.facebook.com/m-one-for-every-one/details/
    (M1 for Everyone!)

3) Get Pens, Big Paper, whatever crafty stuff you like!

4) Write what you like about Fibre Optics Broadband!

5) Make a video taking the card from Right to Left (or left to right in video) and read it aloud while at it!

Here's mine: (I know, low quality stuff >_<)


Signing off~

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