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Posted by : Sabrina Wednesday, 13 November 2013

 Photo from the AFA Facebook page

TwT ah, Thank you AFA for the Cosplay Singles this year as well~
It was nice seeing familiar faces on stage, like Xencraft Tech, Joey Angelus, King Archer, Sara - Tousa Bao and new friends too! 
This has been a costume I really have meant to make since the day I learnt about costume making and its such an honor to have won the prize in this Cosplay competition ♥
I didn't bring too many souvenirs back but here was about it~
Canon booth had free prints and I managed to bring back a couple of A4 Prints from there! <3
Met so many friends from all over! Reunited at AFA <3

photo by Darkonlore

Headed down to AFA over the weekend and I finally decided to finish up my monster hunter costume! It was supposed to be a project for last year but I decided to make Dragon Nest and Ashe instead and Monster hunter got postponed to this AFA~
Super happy with how it turned out though! Pink and Armour, things cant get any better than this =w=\\

Went on the very first day and sang at the Horipro booth.

 I didnt exactly choose a very popular song though and made a mistake while singing @_@
 so that was that, but I had a super enjoyable time in the maid cafe! Had a treat in there, super fun with Kaili, King Archer and Zhaohan~ Seeing boys fanboy in a maid cafe is way more fun than even going to a maid cafe in Japan I swear!! *heh*

photo by Shaun

photo by Kaili

After the event, boyfriends and friends had dinner together at Burgerking! Having received his DS not too long ago, Goldfish was in dire need of pokefriends and went round asking strangers (who were playing pokemon) to add each other as friends! hahaha! As he was approaching boys and GIRLS as well, friends told me to keep an eye on him~ Thus, as I went to check out a girl he had just exchanged friend-codes with to add too, she called out my name! ;w; It was my Malaysian friend Yuki Christy who I met last AFA!


Then came the 2nd day @_@
Thank goodness my brother was taking the car and managed to give me a lift together with helper Zhaohan :D ( I cant carry my armor alone!)

Walked around to look for friends! AFA was wayyyy crowded that day and squeezing through the crowds in this was a miracle!! I was really excited however when I met up with fellow monster hunter cosplayers!! Thanks vin for reuniting us TwT// So happiness!

Rathalos Armor Longsword, Jinouga Dual Blade, Pink Rathian Greatsword, Azure Rathalos Bowmaster,
photo by Tan Kian Leng

Sang at the Hello Japan Booth as well! They had 10 song choices and passed the little game playing Sobakasu!

It was unexpected again (like last year),as I was called to join the Asia Singles Cosplay Competition at AFA. It was an honor being a part of it and winning the *only* prize was just a great feeling T_T\\
Theres afew more events coming up this end of year though, more competitions to bring my costume for, hoping for the best! haha

Neways back to AFA, met friends, took funny photos and suited down to play pokemon after the competition was over! <3

photo by Mervyn Lim


Day 3, was a simpler costume! Met Peiqi/Alex they all from the cosfest chalet and had bags in their care!
<3 <3 <3
Cosplayed Munak and Bongun from Ragnarok online together with Zhaohan! (we had a shoot for this recently so the costume was done up yes!)
It was easy to slip into costume and trusted Ah Wei was there to accompany us walking around and taking photos! Super grateful for your company! (And if goldfish cosplays, heh heh heh, we will be his personal helpers)
Okay, so it was RO day! Brought back many memories with this cosplay~

Hello Japan booth had more song choices again so I dropped by name in, it was a draw-lot system apparently to sing so @_@ So while I was singing... Bongun went back to the maid cafe for round 2 HAHAHA! enjoys
photo by vin

photo by etherien

photo by Wei Jiat Lee

(Last but not least)


<3 sabbie

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