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Posted by : Sabrina Sunday, 22 September 2013

Don't ever go to this restaurant.  :(
One of the most unpleasant birthday dinners ever...
I personally felt the the food was fine, but the attitude they gave us was beyond acceptable and not something I would support.


484 Changi Rd

This is really one of the restaurants with the Worst service ever. We went there for my boyfriend's birthday with his family and we were really disappointed, not so much at the food, but the stuck up attitude they were giving us.

Upon arriving, we ordered food sets for everyone including the family helper and baby sister.
We decided to order some soup when the food was taking awhile to arrive. When the soup came, we felt that the soup was abit too salty and the waitress recommended us to get some toast with it.
The toast took almost 10mins to arrive and soup, doesn't really last that long? When we asked the staff (apparently ladyboss) about the bread, she said "Well, we have to toast it before serving it out you know??" and walked away. 

This was beyond rude and I was already pretty irritated at her attitude.

Following after about a good half an hour, the Lambshanks came and we felt that the sauce was too salty for our liking. Being the 2nd time my boyfriend's dad coming here, he felt that he should give some feedback in case he'd decided to come back again.
The same lady said "Oh, everyone else seem okay with it, you're the only ones complaining, but okay... *looks away* we will take into consideration" 

Wow... Even if you're a boss, I would like you to know that this is really rude. Even if you want to deny it, please use some discretion instead of comparing us to be odd against the masses.

The worst part was when making payment. The chef came to the counter and asked my boyfriend's dad about how we found the food. He mentioned he felt that the lambshank and soup was too salty for us, and the chef guy rebutted with a "Well, if its so salty, why did you finish up the food?"
When my boyfriend's dad also mentioned that he came with a large group of friends the week before and that it was his 2nd try on the Lambshank thats why it wasn't solely a personal opinion, the chef also mentioned, "Then they must be really healthy people". 

Oh My God. Personally, even if the food tasted bad, if I paid 30 bucks for it, I am pretty sure I will still try my best to eat it up, not to mentioned it was dinnertime and we waited to long for the food? Who is to say we're not hungry? I personally found the waitresses quite nice, its just the chef and lady who had such a horrid personality. Even if you did not want to consider our feedback, the least they could have done is just verbally accept it, whatever they want to do with the feedback, we would never know. I will never visit the place again solely because of the attitude they gave us.
And I would not recommend the place if you are looking for a pleasant meal.

*not happy*

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