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Posted by : Sabrina Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Thanks Sephora for the ticket to attend Coscom! 16/9/13
It was a pretty small event and I felt that the performers did a pretty good job! ^_^v

Took some handphone pictures!

Here is my friend as The Question, Frasier~ 
He did such a good job singing Stars from Les Miserables T_T Made my hair stand!
I reached the event pretty late but just in time to hear him sing this for the cosplay competition, winning him 2nd place! (y)

Said hi to him after he came off stage >w<v

They had a pretty interesting performance, this Sentai group. Saw them jumping ecstatically back in the other resting hall at their win in the competition :) 


heh! Mario was looking at my DS and going Mario!
So I just had to take a pic of him with it! Dempster joined his DS in the photo too when he saw it happening =w=/

Recently got to know this King Archer cosplaying as Archer :) 
His stance has an aura feeling *^*

Guest of Honor Teo Chee Hean was more than happy to shake hands with the various cosplayers here at the event Coscom :) He made a round and went to watch the Finals top 3 cosplay performances~

Group shot of the contestants and Judges, I'm sorry, Jesuke was looking real cool as usual but an elbow blocked her face T_T

I finally had the chance to have a chat with Aqua Rica! She's a super final fantasy cosplayer, cosplaying almost every single female character off the top of my head! From and this is from an older version!
Her costume was so intricate, (y) 
We should definately have dinner together!

Took home a Luckydraw prize, they had so many prizes, yay to get something home!
And a couple of badges <3
bought the last Saber badge 8D *yay me*


Before the event was a friend's birthday, Takahan from Cosfest! :)
Gave him small trinkets, and haha, had a birthday lunch at Saizeriya at Liang Court!

(photo by jokumi, my hat is there! XD)


So after the event, my friends and I had some dinner together, it was Jeanette's birthday!
We surprised her with a birthday cake! haha!
And yes we shall all karaoke together soon <3

(photo by Kaili)

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