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Posted by : Sabrina Wednesday, 22 May 2013

This was actually an event in conjuntion with the DBS Regatta Dragonboat Festival Event held at MBS.
--> http://www.dbsmarinaregatta.com/#!/cosplay-festival

The schedule for the event was as follows on Saturday, and the Singapore WCS participants sat on a dragonboat ride on Sunday @_@

So I arrived at about noon, ready in costume~
If I wasnt wrong the opening performance was by Skye, she sang a song from the recent anime Psychopass! Im really into it and the 2nd ending song just has so much feels >__<! She sang the first ED though, but it was still nice :x

Pitcha then went on stage with his Dio impersonation, very cool poses, jojo! I need to catch up!

I was part of the cosplay walk audition, the 3rd last in the first session @_@
My arms were really bulky backstage lolz, hard to move around, I felt like 3 people rather than one!
Some other performers were late though thus I sang right after the walk ended! Rush rush!

Here are some pictures~ Credits to the respective photographers! I didnt take much photos personally as it was hard to do anything with 2 arms occupied :x

Photo by Speedknight

Photo by Klavier Tan

Photo by Shashin Photography

Heres the video of my performance!! Its abit of a preview of what I will do for cosfest I guess @_@ Was invited to sing for Curefest first, so I thought why not :D

"Sabbie and her fans."
Photo by Darkonlore

Ripped some facebook photos <3 Didnt expect such photos even when I didnt really walk around off stage! Thanks guys~ <3

Ill write abit more later, until then, signing off~

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