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Posted by : Sabrina Tuesday, 27 November 2012

I've yet to write about AFA 2012 but this was probably one of the more exciting as well as upsetting events for me at the same time!

I completed my Dragon Nest costume just on time for AFA!
This was a costume I was planning to do next year with my friends actually, however when my friend said he would make an Alfredo, my costume got completed almost instantly @_@"
This was the first event I actually got scouted to join a cosplay competition and very unexpectedly I got something!

Sorry for the long pause, this was actually drafted awhile back but my computer had such a rough time :( Windows crashing and then Mac crashing *gently pats lappy*

Anyway, it was cool, met many overseas cosplayers I never did before! Hope to see some familiar faces again in Comic Fiesta later this year ^w^
The Singles cosplay competition was cool, the winner was a Saber from Phillipines and her Armour was sooo pretty! *0* *Inspired*

Goldfish did finally come down with his RC Car later at about 7+ and Ducky did have a go running around knocking peoples legs and giving them a scare =w=
If only it came sooner then it could be my escort TwT

Did Harpnote with my awesum Megaman on Sunday ^w^v
Made a Malaysia friend who was a super Megaman starforce friend! and met some other friends who I havent seen in awhile~

Overall, it was quite an experience, I think I will try to keep my cosplay simple for a day and more elaborate for Events next time, If I wear gloves, I soo vey need a friend to be by my side as I cant even slide the Iphone screen to answer phone calls T_T Thank goodness apple was there on Sat and Derek on Sun >_<
Being with such bulky cosses and face gears, it was hard to appreciate walking around to enjoy the con :( Changed out earlier on day 3 to walk around but realised it was abit late as some of the nendroids we were eyeing were SOLD OUT *cries* And I didnt drop by afew booths which I should have, like the KARAOKE and PHOTObooth.. Ah well, there will be next time right?

Yep, The weather was excruciatingly painfully HOT! And I realised that alot of photographer friends I was hoping to meet were actually outside camping >_<!!! ah well, missed quite afew people i was hoping to meet at that, maybe I didnt explore the outsides of the convention enough ;w;
Until next time >_<


Photo by Mervyn Lim

Photo by Hu Lei

Photo by Operation P Ani C

Photo by Mervyn Lim

Photo by Shan Rui and most likely next Coscard? :D

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